Jan 10

Weight Lifting Clinic

Weight Lifting Clinic for all 8th and 9th grade athletes and their parents

Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2017

6:30 PM

Meet in room b103 (drama room) in the south east corner of the school

We will be introducing Maple Mountain Weight Lifting, explaining the details of our successful weight training program and showing the MMHS weight room.

Football players and parents are invited, as well as any other athletes interested in proper weight training techniques

The weight room will be open to all athletes Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 5 – 6 PM. *

In Season Athletes are recommended to attend Monday and Wednesdays after practice.

The schedule is available by clicking on the “calendar” link on the menu


For a printable flyer click mm-weight-lifting-clinic

Jan 03

Post Season Accolades

Happy New Year!

Announcements:  MMHS Football will be holding a weight lifting Introduction and clinic on Jan. 18th at 6:30 PM in the                                           Drama Room.  All 2017 9th and 10th graders and parents are invited to attend.  We will be talking                                            about our strength and conditioning program and giving an overview of the techniques, workouts, and                                       schedules.

Winter weights will start next week.  So if you are in the 8th – 12th grade and you need to get a work out                                    in, come to MMHS and get after it!  We will have a work out for you and coaches supervising.


2016 Maple Mountain Football Region, State and National Awards

Congrats to the following Golden Eagle Players


Garred Blanthorn


2016 Salt Lake Tribune

1st Team 4A All State – Garred Blanthorn, Karter Shaw

2nd Team – Zack Mower

Honorable Mention – Taggart Durrant, Peyton Pond


2016 Deseret News 

1st Team 4A All State – Garred Blanthorn

2nd Team – Zack Mower

Honorable Mention – Dawson Beutler, Karter Shaw, Peyton Pond


2016 Daily Herald All Valley Team

Elite 11 – Garred Blanthorn

Honorable Mention – Zack Mower, Dawson Beutler, Karter Shaw, Cody Cloward, Peyton Pond, Connor McKell, Brooks Oberhansley


2016 All Region 8

Garred Blanthorn – Region 8 Defensive MVP

1st Team All Region 8 – Zack Mower, Karter Shaw, Harrison Casper, Peyton Pond, Harrison Allphin

2nd Team All Region 8 – Dawson Beutler, Taggart Durrant, Nate Leckie, Tyson Denison, Cody Cloward

Honorable Mention – Connor McKell, Brooks Oberhansley, Wes Bastian, Alex Knudsen, Joe Biesinger



2016 4A Academic All State

Garred Blanthorn, Cameron Asay, Taggart Durrant, Wes Bastian


2016 Academic All Region 8

Garred Blanthorn, Cameron Asay, Taggart Durrant, Wes Bastian, Dawson Beutler, Cody Cloward, Tyson Denison, Cannon Goslin, Harrison Casper, Nic Heaps, McCade Lee, Brooks Oberhansley, Peyton Pond, Bryson Schellenberg, Karter Shaw, Caleb Terry, Connor McKell

Dec 03


As awards and announcements come up, they will be posted on this site and calendar.  Please check this site as you have questions about the off season.

There are still a few things to take care of in the next couple of weeks.

  1.  Make sure all fees and costs are paid (banquet, equipment, participation, etc.)
  2. All equipment turned into Coach Burtenshaw – he will be in the shed on Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30 – 3:30.  You may receive a lat fee if you have not yet turned your stuff in.
  3. Advanced Conditioning Class – ALL students are expected to dress and complete workouts to receive credit for the class.
  4. Coach Burtenshaw will be doing interviews during Adv. Conditioning.  please make sure that yours is done by Christmas.

Nov 27

Awards and Announcements

Attention all Players, First, we want to say thank you to all those who helped with the end of season banquet last week.  It was done very well and was extremely well attended with well over 300 people.  Thanks again to Jeff Porcaro for taking pictures as well. Award recipients are listed below.

Golden Eagle Award – Garred Blanthorn

Team MVP – Peyton Pond

Offensive MVP – Tito Denison

Defensive MVP – Karter Shaw

Special Teams MVP – Taggart Durrant

Offensive Line MVP – Alex Knudsen

Defensive Line MVP – Zack Mower

Sledge Hammer Award – Karter Shaw

Outstanding Senior – Harrison Casper

Outstanding Junior (on Varsity) – Joe Biesinger

Most Improved Offensive Player – Nate Leckie

Most Improved Defensive Player – Cody Cloward

Most Improved Special Teams Player – Austin Mills

Outstanding JV player – Stetson Shuman

Outstanding Soph Player – Cameron Dorny

Blood, Sweat, and Tears Award – Andrew Werner, Bryson Schellenberg, Caleb Terry, Cameron Asay, Brooks Oberhansley, Connor McKell, McCade Lee, Ethan Lilly, Wes Bastian, Hanslee Peay, Branson Blood, Dawson Stokes, Spencer Nelson, Ethan Nelson, Zac Robison, Marcus Johnson, Stevie DeGala,

Eagle Pride Award – Dawson Beutler, Harrison Allphin, Jake Suyak, John Bishop, Nic Heaps, Ryan Cooper, Cannon Goslin

Academic All State – Garred Blanthorn, Taggart Durrant, Cameron Asay, Wes Bastian

Honor Roll – over 50 players with 3.7 or higher GPA

Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

We would also like to thank the coaches, Krista and her assistants, Jeff and Tawni Porcaro, the team Moms, Dave Boyack, the administration, our awesome managers, and everyone else who contributed to our team this year.  It takes a small army to run a successful football program, and we feel very grateful to all those who contributed their time, talents and resources.


Finally, we still have several of you who have not turned in equipment, or paid for the banquet.  We really need to finish up this week with all of our odds and ends.  In advanced conditioning this week, we will begin to lift again and do players interviews.  Here is the schedule for this week.

Monday – B4 – Lift / Interviews

Tuesday – A3 – Lift / Interviews

Wednesday – B4 – Lift / Interviews.  After school equipment turn in from 2:30 – 3:30.

Thursday – A3 – Lift / Interviews. After school equipment turn in from 2:30 – 3:30.

Friday – B4 – Lift / Interviews.

*If you do not turn in your equipment this week, you will receive a late fine on your record.

Seniors will be receiving their highlight films this week.


**On a sad note, we want to send our prayers and condolences to Coach Lake and his family.  His father passed away last week.  The funeral will be Tuesday at 11 AM at the LDS chapel on 950 S 1700 E in Springville.  He loved his family and was a great supporter of Maple Mountain Football.

Nov 13

Post Season Wrap Up

Congratulations on a memorable season and earning a spot in the state semifinals.  We love and appreciate all the young men, parents, coaches, boosters, and community that helps put together a program we can all be proud of.  We are especially proud of the young men who worked so hard and dedicated so much time to make this a successful year.  Thank you.

We need to take care of a few things this week in preparation for winter sports and the team banquet.

Monday – A3 – Soph Meeting, clean up equipment and start locker clean out. Check out PE lockers. LAST CHANCE TO RSVP FOR THE BANQUET.  Please pay your dinner money to the finance office.

Coaches Meeting – 4:30 PM in my classroom.

Tuesday – B4 – Sr/Jr Meeting, clean up equipment and start locker clean out. Check out PE lockers.

Wednesday – A3 – Soph Pad Check in.  Make sure all uniforms practice clothing is washed.  Must have locker cleaned out by the end of the day.

Thursday – B4 – SR/JR Pad Check in. Make sure all uniforms practice clothing is washed.  Must have locker cleaned out by the end of the day.

Friday – A3 – Workout

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 21 – TEAM BANQUET.  Click on Link below.

Click Here for Banquet Flyer

Again, Thank you, Everyone for a wonderful season.

Nov 12

Boosters: Pictures from the Semifinal game against East are available.

The pictures from the Varsity game are available.


Nov 09

Family Information to attend the State Game

Players will leave Thursday at 3 PM.  We will be staying in Salt Lake.
Family and Fans:
1.  They can go up by themselves or with family to the game and buy a ticket at the game.  Parking is limited with the U of U having classes in session.  Parents will have to call and excuse the student if they choose any of the options.
2. They can by a ticket from us and then use that ticket to ride the front runner and Trax for free to the game.  A map with directions on how to get to Trax will be provided to students.  We are also sending an email home with Trax information to parents.
3.  They can buy a ticket from us and then pay an additional $5 to ride a bus from the school.  There are around 100 seats available to students and it is a first come first serve situation with the seats.  The buses will leave at 9:30 a.m.  Students that ride the bus need to come home on the bus and not wait for the Springville game to be done.  The buses carrying Springville students will be full.
4. Students can buy a ticket at the school and drive up themselves or with family.  Same thing applies for number 1 with parking.
5. Parents can also buy tickets at the school and ride frontrunner and trax for free.

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